Pledge Drive: Sustaining ERUUF's Growth

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  • February 2019

    Dear Members and Friends,

    Here are just some of the new and good things happening at ERUUF:  membership is up to 735 adult members, and more people than ever are engaged in worship, groups, classes, and serving together.  Sunday services are expressive and joyful, and our choirs and musical groups inspire us weekly. 

  • During this Annual Pledge Drive, we ask for your support to preserve and enhance ERUUF’s mission to transform lives by building a free and inclusive covenantal religious community of spirit, service, justice, and love. ERUUF is in excellent condition because of our members’ tremendous involvement and generosity. Our focus now is to sustain our growth. We build our annual budget based on pledges, so your support is vital to our fiscal health in the upcoming year.

  • A pledge is your promise to give a certain amount of money to ERUUF within the upcoming fiscal year to help sustain our growth. A contribution is a payment to ERUUF (cash, check, credit card or stock transfer).

     Your support of ERUUF for 2019-2020 is very important to us. Please consider increasing your pledge this year! 

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  • The amount you pledge is entirely up to you. When your values and ERUUF’s mission align, we encourage a pledge that makes you proud to be doing your part in this beloved community.

    Need help calculating your annual pledge amount? See the UUA Fair Share Giving Guide. The table shows the suggested giving levels per pledging household. This guide was developed by the UUA and is used by many UUA congregations.

    Download Full Guide

  • 2018 brought abundant growth to ERUUF —membership has increased, members are more engaged than ever, and lives have been transformed through our services and ministries. ERUUF is in excellent condition because of our members’ tremendous involvement and generosity. Our focus now is to sustain ERUUF’s growth. It takes a village to offer our programs consistently, and it takes a good deal of staff time to organize the village. This great progress we achieved together requires generous financial support from all of us to sustain.


  • What is the Pledge Drive About?

    The pledge drive offers members, friends, and visitors the opportunity to think about what ERUUF means to them and to pledge their financial support accordingly. Your pledge, with others, helps define the budget for the next fiscal year, July 1-June 30. The pledge drive involves 4-6 weeks of planned stewardship activities in February-March, but pledges are welcomed anytime during the year.

Pledging Action Steps

1. 2019 Stewardship Logo SmallPledge

A pledge is a promise of what you will give for 2019-2020. Choose how you would like to sustain ERUUF's growth. Every gift counts. Thank you! 

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ERUUF has several ways that you can give your contributions for your pledge: online, text, recurring/auto-draft, check, cash. Choose the date when your recurring gifts would start.

Set up online, text, or recurring giving